Tour of St Mary’s Hospital

For our drill on Thursday, we completed a tour of the new building being put up for Saint Mary’s hospital. The foreman, Chris, was extremely helpful in answering all our questions, and showing us around the building for a preliminary walkthrough. Since the final sheetrocking had not yet been completed, we were able to see the inner workings on the building, and get a sense for what types of construction materials were being used, which will be especially helpful if we are ever called to service the new facilities. Thank you to everyone who was involved!



New Website

The Fort Johnson Volunteer Fire Company is excited to release our new website. The goals of our website project were to increase usability, allowing us to more effectively interact with our department and our community. In the coming months, we hope to showcase some of the work we’ve done, and provide more opportunities for citizens in our area to engage with our volunteers.

Please take a moment to browse around, and see what we have to offer! Our events page is already stocked with a few of our upcoming plans, including this year’s recruit NY initiative! Our members page is dedicated to showing off every one of our truly dedicated members, and the sacrifices they’ve made for us and their community – and there are more pictures and details to come! We aim to keep our training page updated with videos and resources intended to provide information to our members about firefighter safety and skills, as well as fire prevention for the public.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for us, we’d love to hear them! Head over to our contact us page, or email us at Also, please feel free to stop down at our station any Thursday evening!

We hope you like the new site! See you soon!

Firefighter 1 Complete

A big congratulations goes out to my guys, Jess Mann, Sebastian Pedrosa and Andrew Millard on successfully completing Firefighter 1. Your hard work and dedication paid off and now you’re interior qualified! Remember this is only the beginning, there is so much more to learn. Keep up the outstanding work gentlemen! I’m very proud of the 3 of you!